Divvy Pro Bundle

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Divvy Pro Bundle includes

Divvy Invite -- Sell Notion products through Gumroad & Stripe privately.

  • Keep Notion pages 100% private, not public
  • Automate your sales and scale
  • Sell any Notion product through Gumroad & Stripe
  • Check our onboarding guide

Divvy Schedule -- Write, plan, publish in Notion to LinkedIn (and Twitter soon!)

  • Visualise your content calendar -- See what's published, scheduled, create new posts, and organise existing ones in one calendar.
  • Never reformat with a live preview -- Get a preview of your LinkedIn post, directly in Notion, while you're typing. GIFs, PNGs, Video, etc.
  • Works with your workflow -- Fits with how you want to work. Just set time and date then schedule. The rest is up to you.
  • Check our onboarding guide

Get Pro Bundle

For $12/month or $8/month billed annually (SAVE 33%)

For solopreneurs running a content business

  • Share with unlimited guests
  • Connect unlimited Gumroad & Stripe products
  • Works with all Notion pricing plans
  • Always get the latest version

For creators growing a LinkedIn audience

  • Unlimited LinkedIn posts (and Twitter soon!)
  • 3000 character limit
  • Remove posted by Divvy watermark
  • Always get the latest version
  • Real-time analytics (soon)

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You'll get access to both Divvy Invite Pro & Divvy Schedule Pro.

$96 a year

Divvy Pro Bundle

0 ratings